Red Epic Dragon



Red Epic Body

Dragon Sensor

Titanium PL Mount

Canon EF Mount

7.0" Touch Monitor

5.5” Touch Monitor




2 - 256 GB Red Mag SSD

1 - 128 GB Red Mag SSD

1 - 64 GB Red Mag SSD

Red Station Reader

AC Power Cable

O'Conner O-Box Mattebox

Arri FF2 Studio Follow Focus

Wooden Camera Cage System

Wooden Camera Quickback V-Mount

4 - V Mount 89wh Onboard batteries

15.4 Inch Director's Monitor




Sachtler Video 20p Fluid Head

Sachtler Two Stage Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber feet. 

Manifrotto 509HD Fluid Head w/ 545gb Tripod with Ground Spreader

Manifrotto HiHat




Zeiss CP. 2’s


21mm 2.9 (Canon Mount)

35mm 2.1 (Canon Mount)

50mm 2.1 (Canon Mount)

85mm 2.1 (Canon Mount)

135mm 2.1 (Canon Mount)

Red Pro Zooms

18-50 2.8 (PL Mount)

50-150 2.8 (PL Mount)




Schneider 4x5 Optical Flat

Schneider 4x5 IR ND (.06 .09 1.5)

Schneider Black Frost 1/2

Schneider 4x5 Streak Filter Blue 3mm

Schneider 138 True Linear Circular Polarizer


OLPF - Red Standard

OLPF - Skin Tone Highlight

OLPF - Low Light

Complete Red Epic-Dragon Camera
Complete Red Epic-Dragon Camera

Arri FF2 Follow Focus
Arri FF2 Follow Focus

Complete Red Epic-Dragon Camera
Complete Red Epic-Dragon Camera